About Us

Consolidated Services Group (CSG) is a technology-driven, clinically-based medical claims management provider. We integrate over 35 years of claims management experience into a comprehensive solution for streamlining insurance claims. Our powerful mix of medical expertise, proven processes and innovative technology delivers a more efficient, disciplined claims process. The result is reduced severity, lower expenses and increased productivity for the clients we serve.

Our Mission

CSG is dedicated to delivering state-of-the-art medical claims solutions through a seamless collaboration of our medlogix® technology, our highly skilled staff, access to our premier provider networks, and our commitment to keeping our clients' needs as our top priority.

The foundation for this mission includes:

Our qualified medical professionals, proven processes and state-of-the-art technology make the claims process more efficient and cost effective.
CSG is committed to setting and exceeding standards of practice, developing innovative technology and educating our clients and colleagues about best practices and industry trends.
Although technology is a cornerstone of our service, our business is about people-both the clients who depend on our expertise and their customers, who expect quality service and medical care. Each CSG employee is held to the highest level of expectations for both customer service and integrity.
CSG works to develop solutions that meet each client's unique needs.

All CSG clients enjoy the following benefits:

Cost Control

CSG helps minimize unnecessary expenses through a powerful mix of medical expertise, seamless technology and exceptional support.

Improved Productivity

CSG leads the industry with proven workflows and processes supported by our powerful medlogix® technology. This seamless, flexible platform empowers clients to fully automate the claims process from beginning to end.

Better Outcomes

CSG's expert medical staff and national network of PPO affiliates help policyholders return to the best possible state of health.